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'In His Service' Elizabeth
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         Fire Starter
        Tommie Zito
 April 17 2011 #120
   The Joys of Motherhood
Chaplain Catherine Cannon
  Crystal Sherie
    Don't Worry
 Pastor Glenn Bleakney
      Restored Glory
Bishop John Muthaka, from Kenya  shares one of the most amazing & touching testimony. May 13 2012
      Pastor Dez Emerson
    Speaks on Traditional 
 Biblical Marriage 9-30-2012
                 Abiding in Christ 
Pastor Glenn Bleakney & Pastor Elizabeth
Enter His Rest
What Touches the heart of God?
​     Guest Bishop John Muthaka.
Minister Monique Leufroy
Pastor Glenn Bleakney 
Pastor Glenn Bleakney 
Pastor  Glenn Bleakney 
   Glenn Bleakney.   
       Founder of   
 Awake Nations 
(A ministry that is taking the gospel of the Kingdom around the world in the power of The Holy Spirit 
            Website for Awake Nations 
and link to Awake Nations Amazon Store
                Guest: George Pettingell 
                      Station Manger for TBN 
Pastor Elizabeth and Kristen Kross
, Continue this  Topic on  Mentoring this 
Next Generation to walk in the Spirit.
Who's your King
       Pastor Glenn Bleakney Who's your King part 3
                            Faith, Trust In Him Now
       The Great Commission
 (To get back that which was lost)
George & Karen Pettingell Books