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Teachings & Messages on CD

#20 Coming out of Babylon  Part 1 

#21 Coming out of Babylon  Part 2

#22 Coming out of Babylon  Part 3

#23 Coming out of Babylon  Part 4

#24 What is Babylon? (Minister James)

#25 I was there (Diane)

#26  Wisdom

#27 The History of Salvation

#28 A call to Salvation (James & Rejoice)                
#29 The Vineyard  

#30 Jesus The Stone

#31 Escaping (Rejoice)

#32 Liberty in Christ

#33 KRU (The Gordon's)

#34 The Love Story

#35 Spirit Living

#36 Rest in the Finished work

#37  The Lees

#38 The Cup (The finished work)

#39 Destroy the cancer

#40 Hidden Nuggets

#41 Three Wise Men

#42 Take it to the Cross


#44 The Beast

#45 Abba Father

#46 Narrow Gate

#47 Deliverance (Joyce's new CD)

#48 Drink from the Rock

#49 Zacchaeus House (Joseph Chiti)

#50 Three Classes of  People 

#51 Eternity ( Mom)

#52 Fasting

#53 To Hell and Back (Bill Wiese)

#54 Lamentations (Joseph Chiti)

#55 One Bath

#56 Tenderness of Spirit

  #57 The Big P (Pride)     

#58 The seed of Promise      

#59 Gods Ultimate Plan

#60 Jump in NOW (The Chosen & The Church)                   

#61 Jump in NOW part 2 

#62 Every mouth Stopped

#63 The Government on His Shoulder

#64 The Christmas Gift

#65 The Plan   (Jan. 2110)

#70 Is there anything to hard for God
    Guest  OJ 

#71 Come as a child 

#72 The Big Buy Back

#73 Are you bond or free?


#75 The Cup

#76 Who's Righteous

#77 He lives

#78 Joy's of Motherhood

# 80 

#81 Signs of the Time (part 1)

#82 Signs of the Times (part 2)

#83 A Father   (Joseph Chiti)                              June  20 2010

#84 Re-Birth    (Cathy Cannon)                          

#85 Giving Back 
(Derrick Benn & Joyce Love)   July 4 2010

#86  Mount up  (Isa. 40)                                    
​# 87 Talk about it

#88 Staying Focus with Joseph Chiti
       July 25 2010
# 89 Don’t Worry be happy                                                 Aug. 2 2010

# 90 Joseph Chit (Compromising Sins)                     Aug. 8 2010

# 91 Joyce Love & Pastor Rice                     Aug. 15 2010

# 92 Mind of the Spirit      Aug. 22 2010

 # 93 The Ploy of the Enemy                                               Aug. 29 2010

# 94 The Old v. New  Covenant (part 1)         Sept. 5 2010

#95 Not Bulls nor Goats (part 2) 
. Vivian Lott      Sept. 19 2010         

 #96 Spirit not Flesh  (part 3)                                               Sept. 26 2010

# 97 Warfare (part 4 )                                                           Oct. 3 2010

# 98 Royal Priesthood           10-10-10

# 99 Life Changing Word                                                     Oct-17-2010

# 100 Jenine Ellisor (lost Son to Suicide) 10-24-2010

# 101 Think on this 10-31-2010

# 102 Illicit Sex (Gratified never Satisfied) Joe & Elizabeth 11-7-2010

# 103 Holy Spirits workings 11-14-2010

# 104 The Body (Vivian Lott) 12-05-2010

# 105 Little did I know (You would use me) 12-12-2010

# 106 Have you received your free Gift? 12-19-2010

# 107 REJOICE ALWAYS (new year) 01-02-2011

# 108 Why do they hate this Message? 01-09-2011

# 109 Hell is real, with (Joseph Chiti) 01-23-2011

# 111 Whose using your brain 1-30-2011

# 112 Whose using your brain part 2 with Christian 2-6-2011

# 113 Joe ? 2-27-2011

# 114 Time to Soar 3-13-2011

# 115 Soar (part 2) 3-20-2011

# 116 Holy Ghost & Fire 3-27-2011

# 117 All in All 4-3-2011

# 118 The By Product 4-10-2011

# 119

# 120 Tommie Zito (Fire Starter) 4-17-2011

# 121 The Holiness of God (Vivian Lott)4-26-2011

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Awake Nations
 is the ministry of 
Glenn  Bleakney. 
We are taking the gospel of the 
Kingdom around the world in the
 power of The Holy Spirit with
 Signs & Wonders 


…        .Last Days Ministries
   Pastor Williams & Joy Williams
    Time……………………12:00 PM
   Address……………..2415 south 12th St.. 

            Guest Speaker Pastor Elizabeth

                        (253) 324-7902       
  Tune in to Radio Station KLAY 1180 AM 

Pastor Elizabeth
  Sicily, Elizabeth, Monique, Barbara,Sharon, CherChristine
                   On the cross of Jesus Christ!!
The power of Satan was broken. His hold over the earth was wrested. Paul tells us in Colossians 2:13,

And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of the flesh, hath he made quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses, blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it [or in the cross]. (Colossians 2:13-15)

So, on the cross Jesus Christ triumphed over the principalities and powers of darkness. And He made an open display of His victory in the resurrection. He defeated or spoiled those principalities and powers of darkness, which were against us. He triumphed over them on the cross; and thus, the prince of this world has been judged. His authority and his power that he once had has been overcome through the power of Jesus Christ.

Now, when you belong to Jesus and are walking in the Spirit, you have power over the principalities and powers of darkness. The world is still under the power of Satan, but the Holy Spirit bears witness to the world that they do not have to be chained by sin any longer. They do not have to be a captive and be held by the enemy in darkness any longer. You can be free! Jesus broke the chains. And He will break the chains by which Satan is holding you. The prince of this world has been judged. He has been thoroughly defeated and he only holds people by usurped authority and power. Jesus died for the sins of the world and you can be set free from the power of sin. You do not have to live in sin any longer. And this is the witness of the Holy Spirit to the world, as He is seeking to draw men unto Jesus Christ and unto the kingdom of God.

The purpose for these Conferences, and all that we ((Greater Faith Outreach) hope to achieve is to bring us  into the knowledge of the person of the Holy Spirit, in order that we might come into a full, rich relationship with Him. It is our desire to so present His glory and beauty that you will seek to yield your life fully to Him, that you might know His grace, His love, His power, and the gifts of the Spirit in your life.
 Empowerment Conference 
     Coming Soon
Sister Judy
  Pastor Dez &  Ije Emerson
                        2012 and 2013

   # 122  Perishing from lack of Knowledge

    # 123  Romans Road

   # 124 Weapons of War 

   # 125 Spirit not flesh

   # 126  What about Love!  

   # 127  Restored Glory part 1
              with Glenn Bleakney

   # 128  Restored Glory part 2

   # 129  Glory Covering  

   # 130  Enter His Rest
              with Glenn Bleakney

   # 131  Rest for the Soul 

   # 132  Rest for the Soul
              with Don Radford
   # 133  Questions Most people ask

   # 134  Reprograming the Souls Computer

   # 135  Let the Word Work

   #  136 Heirs of Christ

   #  137  Dynamite with Pastor Dez Emerson

    # 138  Mount Up

   # 139  Dead in Sins

   # 140 Declared Indepentence of God

   #  141 Declared Part 2

   # 142 Heal From Cancer 
             with Bishop John Muthaka

   # 143 What Touches The Heart of God
             with Bishop John Muthaka

   # 144 Get it Right

   # 145 Made Alive

   # 146 Unseen War of the Flesh

   # 147  Prayer with Dr.  John Burpee

   # 148  The Truth Matters with Joseph Chiti

   # 149 Shadow and Realities

   # 150  Abide in Christ with Glenn Bleakney

   # 151 Marriage with Pastor Dez Emerson

   # 152 Wait to Mount Up

   # 153 Hell is Real with Bill Wiese

​   # 154 Hell is Real with Pastor Dez Enmerson
   # 155 Hell is Real with Mother Ruth
   #  156 Divine Wisdom (G D Watson)


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