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                        Pastor Elizabeth Hamilton 
                             Stewart  & Founder 
                      of this Great Work of God 
                                    Since 1996

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We need You!!!   
Go to World Wide page and find out 
           how you can help save a life!
Radio Station KLAY  1180 AM we have moved to the Top of the  Hour  5:00pm each Sunday

John Mulinde message to America 
   Talking Bible 
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As part of the strategic plan to end homelessness in Pierce County & King County we have put together a Resource Packet, print & give out!!

​ Domestic Violence what are the warning signs? 
 Seattle’s Joy in our Town” Guest: Gary Benton
                  "DEEPER UNDERSTANDING"
             OF WHAT WE  SHOULD DO FOR
                      CONTINUAL GROWTH
Pastor Dean Curry and Lonnetta Cunningham HOPE 253
                     THE WORD OF GOD

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